About Us


Metro Exporters was incorporated on 23rd July 1964 with a vision to develop products of excellent quality at competitive prices for the world market. We were the first Company in the country to be granted the status of EXPORT TRADING HOUSE by the Government of India in 1981. We are exporting complete range of Agricultural Equipments and Machineries mainly Tractor Implements, Tractors, Tractor Spares, Harvesters, Threshers, Shellers, Grinding Mills, Oil Expellers, Lister and Petter Type Engines, Water Pumps, Hoses etc.

automotiveOver a period of nearly 5 decades now, Metro Exporters has grown on a foundation of strong values such as reliability, honesty, customer service, quality and quick shipment. Company’s professionals and production associates work round the clock to bring you the best experience in International Business. A team of qualified and experienced engineers ensures a hands-on approach to quality assurance and supply chain management. Our expertise and advanced technologies have helped us to make farmers across the world more productive and bringing our customers closer to their goals. By ensuring reliable and prompt services right from PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT to DELIVERY, we guarantee total satisfaction and peace of mind to our Customers

Our Clients receive regular updates on Production and Logistics related issues, right until the arrival of the vessel. This helps them in planning of their marketing and buying strategies in a proactive manner. Right value for money and fast turnaround time is of great importance to the success of our customers. At Metro Exporters, we select the most reliable sources with competitive prices and manufacture products at select locations in India and other countries of Asia. We offer multi-port shipments through a single window helping the customers focus on just marketing. Currently, Metro Exporters serve the markets of Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East and enjoy the stature of a reliable supplier of Quality Equipments.

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